Wednesday 18 December – Street Fighter II Tournament @ Forgotten Worlds

Do you fancy yourself a Street Fighter II contender because you know how to do fireballs with Ryu or Ken? Some people may disagree with you this Wednesday at Forgotten Worlds. Also, this game is actually really fucking hard, I have been in self-loathing for a week now after playing it a hundred times.

There’s a contest on where you can enter a tournament of fellow game heads. It’ll take place on an arcade edition of Street Fighter II – Hyper edition, which features all of the original eight characters of Street Fighter 2 (Ryu, Blanka, etc) and the last four boss characters (M Bison, Sagat, etc). All characters are bulked up with extra speed and moves to make things a bit finer. Whoever wins takes all money pooled into the contest ($5 entry).

The reason this relates to electronic music in Melbourne (as well as most of our beats scene actually being generational nerds) are the owners of Forgotten Worlds and Melbourne beats power couple, Graham Orr (DJ and former co-promoter of Heavy Innit – Affiks) and May Sivakumaran (VJ Chronic Sans). As seasoned veterans of our scene, they’ve now decided to take up actual business and hospitality as a new hobby, and have jammed a whole bunch of old arcade games in their chic little bar on Johnston Street in now-hip Collingwood.

Combine this arcade game nostalgia with the extra home-feel of canned drinks, sangers, coffee and late hours, and you have yourself a new comfy place to hang out that’s been described by venue trainspotting website Three Thousand to be like something off a scene from Cheers in its level of comfort and ease.

As so far as the competition is concerned, I’m tipping Aoi or DOS4GW to be contenders to keep your eye on, so you better get some practise in today before they steal everyone’s money.

7pm-12am. Forgotten Worlds, 113 Johnston Street, Collingwood. $5 contest entry!

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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