Friday 13 December – Friday Da 13th feat. Tigermoth + Aoi + DOS4GW


L-Burn Illuminati‘s back in the house once again for a banger of a show, this time via Sinister Jazz. Tigermoth is heading the gang this time with his blend of old-school hip-hop sensibilities, braod range of musical influences and technical finesse.

He’s performed in Japan and key points of America like Los Angeles and New York, and has also supported the likes of DJ Krush and MF Doom.

Also playing at this event are PBS’s Bevin Campbell (from radio show The Blend), psychopathically hard analog boom-bap dirges from DOS4GW, and Aoi‘s murky dungeon east-coast influenced hip-hop beats, including tracks from his recently released new album IXHA-94 (soon to be reviewed here at Haarp Media).

Starts 10pm. The Croft Institute, 21 Croft AlleyMelbourne CBD. $5.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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