Album Review: Ghostsoul – Celestial Artifacts (Uncomfortable Beats)

Melbourne artist Ghostsoul’s pay-as-you-please full-length album Celestial Artifacts on Uncomfortable Beats has been released today.

It features Myla Vinyl, Wyldcard and Bellz, and continues to refine Ghostsoul’s sci-fi concepts of dead planets and alien transmissions. The album itself is more carefully considered and contains more emotive content than the majority of electronic releases, and could well be a stand-out landmark album for the Australian scene.

Stand-out track ‘Burning Lungs’ evokes deep-seeded emotive qualities with guest vocalist Myla Vinyl (originally from the UK), and the comparisons are sure to fly between this track and shades of Massive Attack and Portishead.

I really like how guests Wyldcard and Bellz were used as guests in this album too in the deep, ethereal and glitched-out track ‘Stepping in Dark Night’. Ghostsoul programs their voices to make them heard like insubstantial transmissions floating through space.

Reduxes of tracks like ‘The Opening Dusk’ (originally featured on Broken Symmetry) and ‘Gutter Smash’, which normally wouldn’t work for me as remixes within a new album, but are originally retaken and adhere to the overall aesthetic of Celestial Artifacts.

All in all, this album is a masterfully executed and subdued work that uses understated elements to get its message across, rather than relying on cheap whomps and embellishments that way too many producers fall back to. This contemporary work of trip-hop is not something I’ve heard since early UK 90’s releases, and I’m predicting other critics will also be raving too once they get wind of this.

A fantastic story of personal and universal evolution from one of Melbourne’s more underrated producers.

Link: Ghostsoul interview and album launch

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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