Friday 6 December – Red Bull Academy presents Exile feat. Choosey

Red Bull Music Academy present another exciting artist at the Revolver Bandroom for free this Friday night. American Blu and Exile’s Exile is a fantastic producer of tough yet delicate hip-hop beats. He’s touring Australia for his first time with Dirty Science MC Choosey.

Check out Exile’s seamless sample flipping and mixing, coupled with Choosey’s freestyle slaughter as the two represent the best of old-school groundings melded with contemporary technological application.

Also featured at this event are Julien Dyne, Winters and DJ Geezy. New Zealand’s Julien Dyne will be celebrating the launch of his LP December, Winters is touted to be a rising star on the Melbourne beats scene, and Wax Museum’s Geezey is instantly recognisable by any vinyl guns in town.

Remember that whilst entry is free, an RSVP is essential, so get on this one quick if you intend to go.

Tickets (essential RSVP):

9pm-2am. Revolver Bandroom, 229 Chapel StreetPrahran. Cheapest price/Costliest Price]

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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