Saturday 30 November – Transmission @ Shirley Burke Theatre (Parkdale)


Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on what’s going on in the CBD or what’s going on at the latest doof festival that we disregard what’s going on in outer suburbs or in regional towns. Events in places like this deserve a bit of press because they’re probably the bravest of all, in trying to spread arts and culture in virtual vacuums for gaining attendance.

But it’s not as if there isn’t the crowd to support these events, there just isn’t the public knowledge or press available. So allow us to step in for this one.

There’s a little suburb in the south of Melbourne in between Sandringham and Mordialloc, called Parkdale. There’s a theatre there where a group of artists inspired by Warhol will take you for an audio-visual feast, their shout.

Trio Virtual Proximity (James Annesley, Tristan Courtney, Robert Jarvis) join forces with musical interactive installation dynamos and tech whizzes Brad Hammond and Chris Vik from Ethno Tekh, and are complimented by Jean Poole and hip-hop lovers Mixer (Chris Port, James Gilligan) for this event.

Their aim is simple, to blow your mind to the possibilities of sound, light, colour and technology in creative ways. You won’t get this at the Melbourne Arts Centre or in hipster-saturated Brunswick Street, you’ll get it here in a little suburb on the fringes of town.

Starts 7:30pm. Shirley Burke Theatre, 64 Parkers Rd, Parkdale. Free!

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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