Let Them Eat Cake 2014 Local Line-up, Soundclips and Haarp Media Commentary


Many of you have been asking what locals are playing at the sophomore Let Them Eat Cake for 2014. We got dropped with a fantastic international line-up including Kode9 (interviewed here), Floating Points, DJ Koze, Eprom and many more (check out the full international line-up here).

Now have a taste of what’s on offer as so far as all our friends and family are concerned…

Client Liaison

Mic Newman

Mike Callander



Digital Primate

Andy Hart & Myles Mac

Amin Payne


Awesome Wales

Bee Ampersand

Boot Action


DJ Mark Free (No sound available)

Dylan Griffin

Edd Fisher



Hans DC 

Isaac Fryar

Jacob Malmo & Oliver James

James De Bono

James Steeth

Jesse Young  

Kate Fox (No sound available)

Kodiak Kid

Matt Turner

Muska & Nixie


N/A & Jack Love


Sean Deans (No sound available)

Tom Tom (No sound available)

Torren Foot


Vexta (No sound available)


At the risk of getting in trouble with my partners, I’m going to say something that isn’t particularly of promotional value to Let Them Eat Cake. I have to maintain my own opinion and integrity here as a true music journalist.

It’s an opinion I don’t encourage you to share in saying that I don’t think the local line-up was very inspired. The locals here can bring the noise, but most of it is a case of who knows who. It’s not to say that the local line-up sucks, in most cases, there’s some very good reasoning and talent as back-up for decisions made.

However, I feel a small amount of un-named acts here give some evidence to a commonly-held belief that politics, experience and in-crowd “hand” at times prevail over talent, expansion and creativity.

Many of the locals here have “payed their dues”, but so have many others with way more to offer in terms of not just knowing how to rock a crowd, but in terms of what they offer to Australia on the global platform as producers of their own original sounds.

Don’t let this let you down though, all the DJs here have what it takes to rock a crowd. I personally would have preferred to have seen acts like Durban Poison, Able8 and Dysphemic over some of the locals here, and I think that a festival that is about niche tastes could try to be more expansive.

This being said, this isn’t my artistic vision, I’m just commentating and it’s not my call to make as to whom should be regarded more than whom. So am I in trouble for saying this? It’s worth it, at least I’m saying what I believe here without bullshit. I will still enjoy the festival regardless, and maybe my mind will be changed afterwards.

Let Them Eat Cake is held at Werribee Mansion on 1 January 2014. For more information and tickets on the event, visit the website here.

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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