Saturday 23 November – Festival of Colours @ Ceres Environmental Park


You know what sounds like a fun thing to do now that we have the sun out in Melbourne? Getting a whole bunch of colourful shit and having a big colour fight!

Sounds just like a flight of fancy? Well, actually you can do it this Saturday at Ceres Environmental Park. This social/cultural exchange was started in India as an occasion called “Holi” as a way to celebrate the end of winter and the start of summer.

Bring along white shirts and some form of eye protect so you don’t get stuff in your eyes, which are colourful enough already. Unless they’re grey. All colours are made out of organic ingredients, in case you were wondering how something like this could go ahead at CERES, and are compounded from the following…

Red: Kumkum root and potato starch
Yellow: Turmeric and potato
Orange: Kumkum, turmeric and potato
Green: Indigo, turmeric and potato
Pink: Arrow root, rose petals and beetroot extract.

Also keep an eye out for our Haapy Monday homegirl Shuttersound, who will be playing some of her awesome tunes at this one. Some of the proceeds will be going towards getting some water-pumps happening over in India to help out the third-world sitch over there.


3-9:30pm. CERES Environmental Park, Corner Roberts Street and Stewart Street, East Brunswick. $30.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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