Friday 22 November – Psycovsky @ MyAeon


Let’s make no mistakes here, I’m biast as fuck towards some forms of electronica. I’m going to say straight-up I hate most psytrance. It always never fails to be ironic to me that such a bland and formulated form of pissweak music is considered “psychedelic” when the definition of psychedelic is something that expands and alters the consciousness. Psytrance is so painfully ordinary and hasn’t really gone anywhere since its inception as a genre around the early noughties.

There are a couple of notable exceptions however, and the Russian Psycovsky is one of them. I saw this guy at a Retort Records launch doof in northern NSW where a gate-breaking twenty people showed up, and this guy throttled our collective minds for four hours with electronic music that sounded like it was ripped out of the bowels of the earth and smoked as a more powerful form of DMT.

Do go get an earful if time permits, and I suggest you take some form of psychedelic drug for this experience. No, I’m not joking. He’ll take you through the seven planes of existance for four hours this Friday at MyAeon. Playing in support are Farebi Jalebi, Ozzy, Squelch, Crime Master, Hijacker, Photo5, Glacial and Tarun, spread across two floors.

Starts 10pm. MyAeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick. $20.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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