Friday 15 September – Electric Owl feat. Extrawelt + Phaeleh


This particular event is noteworthy in that it has two headlining acts  considered abnomalies within their respective movements of music, and can’t be catagorised as techno or dubstep with any true conviction.

These two acts are Extrawelt and Phaelah.

Extrawelt are duo Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe, and could roughly be described as playing off-center leftfield tech beats, but played in such a way that is twisted and adventurous. You can always recognise their particular branch of sound if any particularly out-there DJ were to drop an Extrawelt track in a set.

Phaelah has been described as cinematic electronica, and has roots in dubstep, garage and house music. He once exclaimed in an interview that he “doubt(s) any dubstep producers will be known in 25 years”, which automatically says a lot about his approach to bass music in trying to create composition that transcends genre shelf life.

You can catch both of these artists on Friday and judge for yourself whether or not their music succeeds in achieving that very elusive goal for a producer, being truely unique whilst maintaining a dancefloor quality to their music. 

Supporting artists include Muska, Jennifer Loveless, Finna + Altruism, Audixx, Uone, Brad Daniels, PQM, Miza, Dean Ariff, Andy Ukhtomsky, Raffi, Mac Chopla and Monkee.


Starts 10pm. Brown Alley, 585 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. $33.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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