Interview – Heavy Innit Co-Director: Brendan “Baddums” Webb


Brendan “Baddums” Webb has been promoting Heavy Innit with partner Graham Orr since 2005, working to bring some of the UK’s top sounds to Australia including Kromestar, Caspa, Distance, Skream and a list of others as big as the bass they brought to Melbourne.

Baddums himself is one of Melbourne’s most regular DJs at bass parties, many of which he manages as side projects from Heavy Innit. He is also a producer, musician, and a softly spoken and gentle person.

Now that Heavy Innit is wrapping up forever on 4 November, Kristian Hatton was curious as to what comes next for one of Melbourne’s favourite sons of bass…


1. Where did you first meet Graham, and what led you to forming Heavy Innit?

I met him in Brisbane at a gig that Curse Ov Dialect was playing at. He moved down to Melbourne with Dragonfly and was playing at hip-hop gigs I was going to.

2. If you had to name one, who was your favourite act you brought to Melbourne and why?

Youngsta is definitely one of the best parties for me. I got to play on that night alongside one of the most important DJs in the scene right now. His set was great too.

3. What are you going to do now Heavy Innit is over?

Focus on production and being an artist.

4. What kind of trials and tribulations have you had to face with running Heavy Innit?

Not making any money, losing money, the decline in the popularity of dubstep, people’s misconception of what the genre is…

5. What sort of advice would you give to people who wish to try their own hand at organising?

Only do it if you can afford to wear a loss. start with free events and work with people who don’t mind not being paid. ask for advice from experienced promoters.

6. If you had a chance to do something over again with Heavy Innit, what would it have been? Any regrets?

No regrets. some things worked, some didn’t. We’ve learnt a lot from experimenting over time.

7. What were some formative times that nudged you towards promotion?

Going out to underage gigs since i was fifteen-sixteen. playing in bands, learning how to DJ. I grew up listening to alternative and punk music so I guess the whole DIY thing was always around me.

8. What up and coming crews and movements do you think are making waves in Melbourne? And who do you think will fill the Uk bass music void?

(I’m) not sure who will take over. There’s a few people who’ve expressed interest in taking on acts from overseas. I am playing at Wobble next month and they are presenting Truth (NZ). I am sure there’s other who will step up. Token from Detrimental Audio is pretty serious about making some moves.

9. Is it worth it to book internationals?

If you want to make money? No. If you want to see the act in your city? Sure.

10. What is one thing you’d like to see more of in Melbourne?

Pretty girls smiling at me.

Pretty girls can come smile at Baddums when he plays for the last Heavy Innit show in support of J: Kenzo, as well see him play every Tuesday at The Lounge for his weekly bass music event, Trust.

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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