Friday 18 October – Fragmented Sounds @ Brown Alley feat. Mefjus, Organikismness & Soulware


There will be a humungous electronic music event this Friday at Brown Alley, brought to you the combination of the glitchy and futuristic Enig’Matik Records, and the solid all-night drum and bass of Twisted Audio.

They’ll be hosting a three rooms of beats, the main one of which (hosted by Enig’Matik) will feature NZ drum and bass band Soulware. Think Shapeshifter, but less commercial and more deep. They make a pretty job of defining electronic soul music as it applies to New Zealand.

Supporting them are Organikismness (also from New Zealand), Circuit Bent, Auma, Sun In Aquarius, Mind Tree, Griff and Altruism. All of these guys produce their own highly original tunes which help define a unique brand of electronica that stands up and holds its own with the international market.

And that’s just the first room.

The upstairs area known as Blight’s Bar will play host to Twisted Audio and their guest Mefjus, who recently was recognised as a best up-and-comer by the Drum and Bass Awards for his style of twisted neurofunk and techstep-infused drum and bass as DJ and producer. Supporting him are Monkee, Lickweed, Ctoafn, Rol-n, The Dam Busters and MC Harzee.

Finally there’s a the garden area which is run by new crew LMS, who are made up of Melbourne veterans of varying styles. They have control of the upstairs Garden Bar (where smoking is permitted), where Kodiak Kid, Buck Rogers, AYNA and SVB will play broken, chilled beats before Tahl, Muska and Timmus turn it out with bassy house and twisted techno,

Phew. Only those who are really up to party should go to this one.


10pm-7am. Brown Alley, 585 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. $30.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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