Sunday 13 October – Miles Cosmo Album Launch: ‘Beteo Pod’ @ Loop


Local artist Miles Cosmo celebrates the release of his third album Beteo Pod with a launch at Loop this Sunday afternoon, which is supported by fellow producers Syncretia and Juxtpose (of whom has just released his double EP of Iblan Ixan available for free here).

Miles Cosmo’s music travels more into chill and epic soundscape territory, underestimated by many until it reaches Sunday afternoon. It’s perfect music to sit, relax and unwind all that tension from the weekend in the company of a few fellows and a nice hair-of-the-dog drink.

Support your local craftsmen, and come have a listen to this crew! There will also be CDs of Beteo Pod available for purchase at this event.


Editor’s Note: I was humbled by the support that MIles’ friends have showed him with this event, and this represents what we’re all about. I’ll definately be there.

Sometimes awesome Melbourne music goes under the radar, and our mission at Haarp Media is to locate and highlight this awesomeness. We’ll always be reporting the smaller and quieter acts.


3-7pm. Loop, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD. Free!

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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