Haarp Media Guest Picks #18 – Rory McPike


Rory is a producer and DJ from Melbourne who runs SSLLOOWW, a platform for his friends, his own music and art.

1.DJ Sotofett feat. Madteo – There’s Gotta Be a Way (Vision of Love mix) (Wania)

One day I’ll own this record, one day.  Sotofett’s raw deep and crispy production with the voice of Madteo walking you through ten minutes-plus of amazing techno.  Shame about the Discogs prices.

2.  Public Ebony – Gush (BBW)

A dangerous Google search for a dangerous track.  Melbourne talent on show, keeping it real with some proper experimental techno. 

3.  Actress – Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion (Werk Discs)

Everything I love about an Actress track, glitches, swing, white noise and somehow it still sounds so organic.  I didn’t know what speed to play the record when I first got it because it was uploaded on YouTube at both speeds.. So few artists have such a distinct and diverse sound like Actress does, he destroyed Brown Alley with his unusual abrasive live set recently, bring on Ghettoville in October.  

4. Dean Blunt featuring Inga Copeland – The Narcissist (feat. Inga Copeland) (Hippos in Tanks)

Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland continue to blow me away with their refreshing, unique and stripped back sound.  I cant take most music with lyrics seriously however these guy are (or were) serious shit.  Everything they’ve done is worth listening to.

5.  Total Control – Carpet Rash (Homeloan Records)

Gothic sounding synth punk (sort of witch housey – ed). I dunno if you’d call it that but it’s sick anyways.  Deep synths, catchy melodies, vocals deep in the mix (how they should be imo).  I associate techno closer to punk then any other genre and this is a great crossover of the worlds.  Melbourne underground, check the Ozone remix on the flip for the dancefloors.

6. Terekke – Amaze (L.I.E.S.)

My kind of DJ would drop this during any set. Bass heavy, deep techno for all sound systems and listening environments.  Can’t leave L.I.E.S. off a list like this, so few labels have the balls to touch half the music they continue to release.  Terekke’s simple deep tracks are some of the best I’ve found in years.

7. Source Direct – Stonekiller (Metalheadz)

No one could touch Source Direct. Tight breaks, heavy bass, classic Metalheadz.  This is a sound that only Dillinja and Photek could come close to at the time, good to hear a few new labels like PCMS and Alphacut bringing back the tech vibes.  

8. REZZETT – Yayla (Trilogy Tapes (forthcoming)_

Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes have the best looking sleeves and some of the most forward-thinking releases within experimental techno and noise music.  These REZZETT tracks appeared on youtube and were picked up by TT, through the comments there is hype about who it could be amongst open offers for the tracks to be signed to other in demand labels.  For a lover of lo-fi, deranged and degraded music, this is as good as it gets. Cannot wait to have it in my hands.

9. Boards of Canada – Orange Romeda (Warp)

Lesser known BOC track probably because it’s on a LP with a AFX/Squarepusher collaboration (we are reasonable people). Even still, it’s far to good to go unnoticed.  Lovely crispy production, unusual samples with those dreamy synths and a lead melody you just couldn’t write.  Similar to older Autechre and 90’s Warp, an overlooked classic.

10. SHSJ – Can-D (SSLLOOWW – free download)

Gotta rep your own homies.  Stripped-back drum breaks, sub bass, some dub techno-influenced chords and a sneaky vocal sample gives this track atmosphere and groove.  One for the early morning dancefloor or perfectly in the headphones, tune out.





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