Haarpy 40th Birthday Elias (and Marishka too)!


A special Happy Birthday goes out to one of our community’s most notorious mates and big time beats fan – Elias Christos Deftereos. This guy loves his beats so much he got a tattoo of The Operatives – That’s real love and dedication to the overall Melbourne beats scene. As a blog on the COMMUNITY of Melbourne, we also recognise what role the punters play too, and give love where it’s due.

If you know him and wish to wish him a happy one and/or shout him a drink, he’ll be kicking it at Section 8 where Matt Radovich, Nam and a host of others will be playing a background dirge of trashy beats for you to get your drank on. Speaking of Trash, Elias has also offered a swag of Globe and Uncle Rocco’s Barbershop gear to whoever dresses the trashiest.

Hope you have a happy one, bro, and don’t spew on yourself. 😉

Written by Kristian Hatton.

p.s. It’s also Marishka aka Mish’Chief’s birthday as previously mentioned too. She’s having her party at Level 2 Danceclub in Northcote. Also special shouts this weekend goes to Seb Warpa!nt, leaving us for a couple of months for the US with his missus Anita.



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