Friday 13 September – Raise It Up! Charity Party


David Nyuol Vincent‘s story is one of hardship leading to renewed strength of vision. There are many ‘lost children’ of Sudan, who are given guns and trained to fight during previous and ongoing conflict in that country. David had the misfortune of being one. He then spent seventeen years in a refugee camp, which eventually led to his relocation to Australia on a refugee visa.

His previous misfortune has been alchemised into a gift for the future.

Through his project in conjunction with fellow mind Aya OnoPeace Palette – he seeks to provide for homeless children of Turalei by honing the Nhomlau Children’s Centre, which he successfully lobbied for and established in September 2012. This residential centre provides security, food, activities and education for children until they can be reunited with family. It operates outside of governing authorities and those who can subvert funds for more nefarious usage.

The aim of the upcoming event (presented by Right On Time Productions) – Raise it Up! – is to raise funds for the children centre, raise awareness of issues linked to Peace Palette, and help foster a further sense of community in Melbourne and belonging through music and interaction with each other.

Spoken-word poet and author Abe Ape arrived in Australia in 2004 registered as an illiterate refuge. He has found redemption and empowerment through words, and has now turned the tables of his own obstacles into a boon. As founder and director at “Creative Rebellion Youth”, Abe now attempts to mentor disadvantaged youth of Melbourne through emceeing workshops, which help validate and hone the power of our young minds for the greater good of the creative community.

He will be leading as MC for this event, and be complimented by the DJing and MCing of Casueux Oslo, Eddie Mac x Cam Run, Jimmy James x Mr Pitiful, and Gio Garcia x Chris Ng. Paul Fearon and Stuart Armstrong will also be hosting and directing the event.

Pledge your support for this event above all others on this date, and help foster oppurtunity for Sudan, Melbourne and the power of all youth through voice and music.


More on David Nyuol Vincent:

9pm-3am. Studio 64, 64 Smith Street, Collingwood. $15.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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