Let Them Eat Cake 2014 Update – Back to Werribee Mansion!


That’s right. The best party of 2013 – Let Them Eat Cake – is going to be back on at the best possible venue, Werribee Mansion for 2014 New Years Day. I couldn’t imagine it elsewhere.

This astonishing location boasts lawns, gardens and of course the heritage-listed building itself. The mansion is a bluestone 60-room 19th-century postcard built in Italianate architectural style between 1873-78; originally housing the wealthy pastoral Chirnside family.

The head of the Chirnside family – Scottish-born Thomas Chirnside – was known for his love of horse racing, hunting and coursing, and also for his great generosity towards the local townsfolk. However, his great melancholy and anxiety related to his great fortune (of a whopping $185,000 in all estate holdings) soon got the better of him, and he took his own life in the laundry of the great manor in 1885.

Sounds like a great start for a ghost story, hey kids?

The land has also been owned by a wealthy unnamed western grazier and then roman catholic bishops, before becoming under Victorian government proprietary in 1973, and is now managed by Parks Victoria.

Anyway, let’s stop sending you to sleep and get on with news of LTEC.


News (and Rumours) in Point Form

  • Let Them Eat Cake has Soundcloud podcasts coming out. If we are to disseminate information from these and make the assumption that the DJs from these podcasts are playing, we can assume Niconé, ill.Gates and Uone are potentially playing, and perhaps DJ Dylan Griffin as well, as he is announcing for the podcasts. Potentially Ed Fisher too, he’s releasing a podcast next week via the same Soundcloud.
  • The full international line-up is being announced on 1 October
  • General release tickets for LTEC are going on sale as of 8 October.

That’s all we have for now, stay tuned to your #1 locally-focused Melbourne electronic music blog Haarp Media for more exclusive updates, interviews, artist details and inside information.

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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