Saturday 7 September – Election Day with L-Burn


Here’s a way to forget about the general clusterfuck that we are forced to vote on in our ruins of the Australian political landscape.

It’s always refreshing when crews take themselves a little less seriously and try to have some fun with their promotions and flyers. L-Burn Illuminati are one such crew who have always been less than reverent in regards to hip-hop trends and cliches, and this shows in their live shows, lyrics and music too.

L-Burn Illuminati members DOS4GW, Mr DNA and Epps will be no doubt showcasing a lot of music of Dos and DNA’s last EP Molecules, and will be supported by MikeKay from This Thing and Kenny Miyagi from L-Burn. Also featuring in a set is L-Burn’s Jesse Sullivan, formerly known as Suckerfish P Jones, now reinvented as Nightwork. Presumably he’ll still playing around globally-styled bass music and hip-hop.

Starts 10pm. The Croft Institute, 21 Croft Place, Melbourne CBD. $10.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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