Thursday 5 September – Bizarro Hip-Hop and Experimental Noise @ Tote


This one definately is one to attend if you’re into the more creative directions hip-hop can go outside of the Laundry Bar and Espie gigs of cliche “Aussie Hip-Hop” acts of beers, BBQs and boredom.

Try on DIary Day 1, which is Curse Ov Dialect member’s new project, as well as Umbilical (of Discobeans), Atarangi (of Curse Ov Dialect) va Sean Baxter, and that conglomerate of crazy kids we feature regularly – RaRaKIN.

Expect lots of props (like stage props, not shout-outs), costumes, audience inclusion, beer drinking, and crazy skylarking (I don’t know what that means, I just like the way it sounds).

This event also features DJs Mack Daddy Albino Dwarf and Xonk, and is on at the iconic punk joint – The Tote Hotel – which is something unique in that this venue usually only hosts punk and indie bands.

8pm-1am. Tote, 71 Johnston Street. $5.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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