A Recipe for Making Waves in the Popular Music Industry…


  1. Take one decade-old music trend evolved in ghetto climate
  2. Add one not particularly talented fame-whore pop star
  3. Add one shitty awards show

Bingo! You are Successor, the lord of all re-appropriated black trends and have climbed to the top! Haters will hate, right?

You have now joined the following esteemed trends and may smoke copious amounts of crack and be a true jetsetter.

  • “Twerk” – as performed by Miley Cyrus (previously a dance style adopted in ghettos in New Orleans called Bounce)
  • “Dubstep” – as performed by Skrillex (previously a music style created in UK ghettos based on 2-step, dub and garage)
  • “Trap” – as seen on Harlem Shake (previously referring to ghettos in southern cities like Atlanta, Georgia and muscially coined by Magnum TI and Waka Flocka Flame)
  • Hip-Hop – as performed by Lil Wayne (previously a lifestyle adopted by New York ghettos in the 80s)

Here is my next gold tip. Learn how to footwork and bleach that skin, baby. Get famous and kids all over town will be footworking.

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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