Sunday 15 September – Haarp Media presents Submersive:Subversive feat Inkstain Pro, Steve Law + more


Pre-drinks, networking, chilling, A dinner, and then a dance party on a Sunday at Horse Bazaar.


Hair of the Dog network hour with chill vibes.
A chance to check out our zine, and talk with the very cool, creative and casual mix of genius we inevitably attract to gatherings like ours. Haarp Media editor Kayhat will show you what tunes we’ve been digging lately.

An exclusive buffet-style dinner for 25 participants. The menu and price will shortly be announced, but you can expect the dumplings and bites to keep flowing. Syncretia and Memphis poet laureate IQ will perform their electronic jazz and vocals, before Steve Law defines electronic ambiance with his live modular analog set.

Inkstain Pro and friends will be keeping the party hot with live hip-hop, scratching DJs with the latest in fresh spring beats to getcha tail poppin’ like it’s NYE. Other DJs include Sensi and Jonny Faith, professionals in contemporary beats and scratch flow dominance.

Musicians Featured…

STEVE LAW (live analog soundscape)

SYNCRETIA (feat. jazz poet IQ)

INKSTAIN PRO (+ friends)

JONNY FAITH (recently launched The Europa EP)

SENSI (DJ of Allganiks and Sensi Warriors)

KAYHAT (editor of Haarp Media)


<rant>Haarp Media is now into its third year of inception as a concept that embraces Melbourne electronic and roots people as a community of artists outside of commerce.

These first two years have seen Haarp Media grow as a irregularly-posted blog into a functional weekly events site, featuring a wide variety of crews and sounds around Melbourne, both big and small.

Our music and event reviews have been seen at such institutes as Cyclic Defrost, and now we are coming to our own, with our articles existing in a solid format for a multimedia audience taking inspiration from global media practitioners like Pitchfork and XLR8R.

We are also looking at launching a small run of print to commemorate our efforts thus far. We encourage you to support us by donating at the event.

Thanks to all who have shown love so far, and we’re always happy to speak with musicians and artists about their ideas, especially if they can be of assistance to our voluntary community project.



Buffet japanese-style, all-you-can-eat tapas dinner – bookings requested and limited: $25

Tickets: DONATION! (5-10 after dinner, not nessecery but preferable)

5-11pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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