Saturday 31 August – Spacewalk: Spring Break

imageSpring Break is being organised by the crazy kids at Spacewalk, a crew grounded in modern bass music trappings, travelling within wonky, footwork, grime, garage and trap terrain. They always have an abstract and humourous take within their promotions, a unique cut-out collage of skewed urban imagery which I assume is directed by their VJ Chronic Sans.

The event is being held across the neighbouring venues of the Ferdydurke and Section 8 bars, which is a fairly distinct innovation. Both places are very warm and friendly, up in the back alleys of Tattersalls off Little Bourke Street in the city.

Spring Break is a celebration of Spacewalk’s first EP launch as a crew (or perhaps the EP launch was done in promotion of this event), which features local producers BK2M, MGKRP, Lucianblomkamp, B.O.O.M.A, and Blossoms. It’s available for free at Bandcamp, and its soulful and texture-laden atmosphere is well worth tuning into.

Artists featured are Lucianblomkamp, 2fuddha, friendships, Polat, Flow, B.O.O.M.A, BK2M, MGKRP, Island Universe, Chronic Sans, Misha Grace, Hedsbent, Asiro, Jublet, Lux Natura, RaRa, Djon Musters, Blossom and Special Guest.

I’m giving this one the personal thumbs-up.

Starts 2pm, Section 8/Ferdydurke, 27-31 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne CBD. Free as!

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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