Saturday 31 August – Forward Ever: Sound System Party!


Four of Melbourne’s toughest homemade sound systems hit the Noise Bar in three different areas to jam out and warm you up on our last day of winter. Rogue Magnetic Sound, Adrian’s Wall, Echo Chamber and DIY-HiFi are all renowned for their gut-rumbling blitz in this here town.

The Block Party section will feature Rogue Magnetic Sound representing hip-hop stylings with DJs like Skahna SK and ShiKung playing trap styles, and there’ll live hip-hop with UK’s Lotek and plenty of other fresh DJs. There will also be live break dancing and graffiti showcases there.

The solar-powered DIY-HiFi system will play more on the dancehall and UK bass music tip with the Carnival Corner, and will feature live circus performances. DJs featured here (amongst others) include Rob Spinfx with emcee Wasp, Chant Down Sound and So FIre.

The Lion’s Den stage features a sound-off between Adrian’s Wall and Echo Chamber, and will feature the seleckas of the Adrian’s Wall crew gunning off against L Que, Naram and Colonel Mustard in traditional roots culture style.

A highly recommended event by us here at Haarp Media.

Tickets are available for a cheaper $10 via , or $15 at the door.

8pm-3am, Noise Bar, 291 Albert Street, Brunswick. $10/15.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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