Friday 30 August – Stickybuds and Mr Bill @ Howler


Stickybuds is set to come to Australia from Canada for a second time this year to the lush space of Howler Melbourne, a recent addition to Melbourne’s list of live music venues.

Stickybuds is one of those artists who is focused on the whole contemporary “glitch-hop” tip, as pioneered and defined in Canada in the mid/late 2000’s. I find their genre use a bit incorrect, as it seems more like a new version of the short-lived big-beat popularised by artists like Fatboy Slim, and continued by producers like Krafty Kuts and more notably Tipper and Opiuo.

This newer “glitch-hop” is a hybrid of popular dancefloor funk aesthetics and pop samples immersed in predictable “broken-beats” and slippery mid-range bass, the sound of which has been embraced by a younger audience. While this music is a bit boring and frathouse to me, it provides a good entry point for new electronic music fans to start researching beats in more depth.

Just as it takes newer listeners time to understand the range of electronic music available, it has also taken older listeners such as myself a long time to accept poppy “EDM”s positive influences for underground electronica. I may hate it, but it has its place in our culture. It works for a lot of people because of its relationship to pop music.

Also featuring at this event is Sydney’s Mr Bill, who has had considerable success internationally recently with his exceptional live shows and wide range (at least within this field) of sound. Other producers and DJs include Cheshire, Buck Rogers (NZ), Agent 86, Tom Showtime, Matty Blades +, Ayna and Copycat. Be warned: This event closes early at 1am, so make sure you have a decent place to go after.

7pm-1am. Howler Melbourne, 7-11 Dawson Street, Brunswick. $23/33.


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Written by Kristian Hatton.


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