Friday 30 August – Beerz: Mokumo Sim/Stim


The promo states “the lines of simulation & stimulation will be blurred once more.” If this means vision, then very possibly with this promise of a cheap night on the bevvies.

I don’t really know any of these DJs, to be honest. I just saw the words Cheap Beer. I mean, sometimes, who really gives a fuck about who’s playing as long as you’re drinking lots of cheap and plentiful beer?

The Mokumo crew’s beats do sound sound pretty choice though. The mix I heard was a blend of palatable disco, techno and broken, soulful electronic cuts for a good night on the booze. DJ names are as stated on the flyer above.

Anyway, more about the beer. The first 200 beers served will be a staggering $1 each, followed by the next 200 for $2, and then the rest of the night’s beers will be $3. Pots, I presume. Get in early and drain it. I personally thought their music in the set below was pretty choice too.

Doors open 7pm. The Highlander, 11a Highlander Lane, Melbourne. Free!

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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