Haarp Exclusive – WE HEART FREE SHIT (Part 1)


This is a test of a new series within Haarp Media. If you like the article and you’d like it to continue, we better hear you holla, make sure you let us know or we won’t keep doing this.

Also if you have the coin, feel free to donate it to your favourite artists.

Lvader – Siren Songs (Sublimated Sounds)

You heard it from us first, right? Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, this is some dope footworky breaky stuff for you to bop to.


Mike Berkley – Liking Mainstream Because Hating Mainstream is Becoming too Mainstream (Beats Home)

Hey Berkley, thanks for bringing down Daisuke, MFP and Jealous Guy from Japan for us. If you haven’t heard this, do so. Cold and gnarly glitch.


Aoi – Spot Welders Vol.2

This is available for download at Aoi’s older Datarook website here: www.datarook.net/aoi/mp3/Aoi-Spotwelders_Volume_2.zip

While we don’t have a widget, we can safely confide that it’s a tasty bootleg album. Here’s the playlist so you know what the fuck we’re on.

01. axeintro
02. get nice – eric b and rakim
03. regrudge – gza
04. wwithin – black moon
05. poison fingers – ghostface killah
06. EXL-7 – OC
07. moog dump (edit) – street smartz
08. rek – edan and percee p
09. tilethrower
10. flora and fauna
11. cave funk – mf doom
12. instamatic – de la soul
13. reverse dust – bahamadia
14. railyard – m.o.p.
15. mk-ultra – notorious b.i.g.
16. night slob – method man
17. stressklack – kool g rap


V/A – Beats Home Australia vs Japan Compilation (Beats Homes)

Go see what the fuss was about at the Laundry Bar last Sunday and listen to some of this. Don’t give up DJing or producing (if you do it), what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Shit will slay you but.


Songs for the Animals – Troubled Minds Cabins Crew (Bedroom Research)

This is a concept album created by Digi G’Alessio and his friend Kae. It’s basically arpeggio-style synths representing animals. I might review it later on, I only just found out about it myself, that’s why I chucked it in!


Written by Kristian Hatton


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