Thursday 8 August: Factory presents Dysphemic and friends


Dysphemic will be making a sneaky appearance during his busy schedule to drop back to his hometown Melbourne to bless Factory with a set. In case you’re not aware, him and his girlfriend Eliza have been touring all over America and been wowing crowds of thousands.

On this occasion, Dysphemic will be showcasing a rare solo effort. Here’s a piece of trivia for you, he actually used to primarily play breakcore before forming his duet with Eliza. He is a very exceptional producer and DJ, and expect hard bassy stompers this Thursday at the Noise Bar.

Supporting the onslaught are Lickweed, SK, Josh McVomit, Riske and Mechanist, as wells as a live performance by Llies. If you click “Attending” at the Facebook page or arrive before 10:30pm, you receive $10 entry. Groups of 10+ also get this discount.

There are also drink specials as follows…

$2.50 pots
$3 beer cans -until 1am
$4.50 Basics
$10 Beer Jugs -Until 10pm
$15 cocktail jugs -Until 10pm
$5 wet pussy shots

9pm-3am. Noise Bar, 291 Albert Street, Brunswick. $8/12.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton


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