Sunday 1 September: Haarp Media Sunday Styles #1 – Juke/Footwork


Haarp Media launches a new session of events at the iconic Black Cat Bar in Fitzroy as a chilled-out option for the end of the weekend.

The aim for our events is communally-focused and family oriented. We want people to feel comfortable and at home at our events in a nice and relaxed atmosphere with like-minded people before getting on with the week’s chore ahead. It’s actually possible to find warm and friendly local company even here in the city.

Every session we will play new and exotic electronic music for listeners based on genre as a guideline, but not exclusively. We are attempting to encapsulate different vibes of movements with this series, and we encourage more diversity within the greater pool of humanity and creativity.

Chicago Juke is a variant of Ghetto or Booty House that utilises rapid and sparse pacing of 150-160bpm, and is known for its lo-fi sound and complex drum machine programming and patterns. It represents a new direction and sound for producers to find inspiration from.

Juke evolved to match the energy of footwork, a dance style born in the disparate ghettos, house parties and underground dance competitions of Chicago. Living hand in hand with juke music, footwork is one of the last untapped (and resultantly, unfiltered) hood dance music styles in the world.

Expect tunes by DJ Rashad, Lil Jabba, Om Unit, DJ Spinn and many more, mixed to perfection by some of the most forward thinking DJs in Melbourne in 2Fuddha, Kayhat, Tom Mac and U-Wish. The event is free for the community.

8-1am, Black Cat, 252 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Free!

FB Page:

Examples of Footwork/Juke Music




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