Haarp Media Guest Pick #16 – DJ Lickweed

Shemer Mann aka Lickweed is one of Melbourne’s top scratch, bass and breaks DJs, and is also an events co-ordinator as part of the Twisted Audio crew. He spoke to us at length about his tastes…
Before I started playing the heavy dnb that i’ve been passionate about for the past few years, I was actually quite anti-electronic music, (and was) one of those metal heads who couldn’t see past his long hair.
My musical journey started when I was really young listening to my dad’s old vinyl collection that was mainly made up of 60’s and 70’s rock artists, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Doors and the likes, this set the ground for me as a rock fan and later on a heavy metal fan which to this day remains my favourite genre of music. I got into EDM through heavy metal, first to Prodigy than psytrance and techno tracks that had distorted guitars in them. In the early 2000’s, I was taken to my first DnB rave in a parking lot in South Tel Aviv and I found my passion for the broken beats.

I tried to pick some musical numbers that stuck with me throughout the years and really stand out for me to this day and represent a few different styles, here goes:

1. Pantera – Use my Third Arm (EastWest)
My absolute favourite track by my absolute favourite band of all times, nobody can compare to the energy these guys have in their songs, have been listening to Pantera for over 15 years and to this day listening to their live show makes me feel better than anything else , R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell.
2. Pearl Jam – Go (Epic)
My friend’s older brother introduced me to Pearl Jam in High School and they are still my second favourite band and this is my favourite song by them, unlike my favourite band I actually got to see Pearl Jam live and there’s nothing more amazing than 45,000 people singing together, Memories…
3. Skindred – Nobody (Lava Records) 
Skindred is the last band that made me feel excited about new metal music as I found that hardly any of the new bands were unique and all while being good, just sounded like the rest.
Skindred combines sounds from Metal, Punk, Dub, Raggae, Ska, DnB and more into their songs, have seen them live 3 times now and it is no doubt the most fun I’ve seen, if you like this i recommend checking more of their music, brilliant!
4. Spor & Ewun ft. Evol Intent – Levitate (Lifted Music)
Spor has forever been my favourite EMP, Evol intent are my 2nd favourite and this track features both of them plus the talented Ewun as well, a great example of the heavy DnB and breakbeat styles that these guys used to make back in the day, hard hitting bass lines with absolute no mercy!
5. Ctrl Z vs. Screwface – Dar Licks (Hardcore Beats)
Ctrl Z & Screwface are also 2 of my favourite EMPs and my favourite breaks producers, Hardcore Beats have always had quality releases and those guys were the cream of the crop, this track is breaks like breaks are supposed  to sound, hard and relentless !


6. QBert &  Mix Master Mike – DMC 1995 showcase
Mix Master Mike is the reason I even got into DJing, all I ever wanted was to scratch records and he is still my DJ role model and all time favourite DJ.
I’ve watched this routine so many times trying to pick up on his moves and repeat them at home, I’ll get there one day Mike!
7. DJ Clue, Royce Da 5’9, Eminem & Method Man – What the Beat (Roc-A-Fella Records)
This is one of my favourite hip hop tunes ever mainly because my 2 favourite MCs and Lyricists – Eminem & Method Man.
Crazy lyrics and even crazier rapping skills, plus it features my favourite quote – “I ain’t crazy, I just do what the beats say do” 😉
8. Cypress Hill – Riot Starter (Ruffhouse)
Cypress Hill are my favourite hip hop group, mainly because of their songs like this one that combine elements of hip hop and rock, they do that so well and their shows are so energetic, if you haven’t seen them live yet make sure to to book tickets to their next show!
9. Noisia & Mayhem – Moonway Renegade (RAM Records)
I LOVE NOISIA, and how can you not really?! Have not heard a bad tune by these guys, just pure skills, most people have a favourite Noisia tune, this is mine…
10. Sneaker Pimps – 6 underground [Nellee Hooper edit] (Virgin)
My friend played me this song when I was 18 and although I wasn’t into softer music back than I fell in love with it so much that I listened only to it in repeat for a whole week, I guess once you pass the hard metal shell there is a soft nut in me after all 😉





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