Haarp Media Guest Pick: #15 – Lily Unsub

Lily Madison aka Unsub aka Alexis K aka Kidsader is a bass music artist with over 50 releases (more than 140 tracks), and a whole lot more than that in her arsenal. She currently lives with her partner MC Amphetimess in New Zealand.

She is currently looking at going over to tour the US and is reaching out for donations, please donate to her cause at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/through-the-looking-glass—73

1. Aneurythm – Blankets

2. Jam Jarr – Mr Chrispy

3. Irina Mikhailova and Ira Stein – Winter Light

4. Paurini – Talk Eastern

5. Damnesia-Vu (feat. Dillard) – Aqueous

6. Hendrickus Arnoldus Vaan – Keep Me From Dark

7. Face Invada – Amazon

8. Greg Reve (feat. Anti-Pop Consortium) – Put ‘Em Up!

9. Jennifer Dillon – Feel So Bad




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