Haarp Media Guest Picks #11: Peter O’Leary From Wednesday Experiment


Peter O’Leary is the producer for the Wednesday Experiment, a freeform and soulful ongoing music experiment out of Tetris Studios, Brunswick.

1. Hypnagog – Carnivale
This track is a pure masterpiece!!!!

Midnight Smack – Cut That
One of the best tracks that I found last year, was by a small known producer in LA. This one track was extraordinary, and quite different to his other tracks.

3. Defunk – Big Mumma T
A new producer out of canada, set for epic things!!!! I cant get enough of this tune.

4. Spor (remix of the Qemists) – Stompbox
From truly beautiful tunes to truly brutal, this track is one of the very best tracks of the last few years.

5. Squarepusher – Come on my Selector
One of the craziest videos ever made! This tune is quite old but I still love it! Big respect!

6. Janes Addiction – 3 Days
Truly one of the best songs ever constructed, it takes you on a journey, and where you end up is not where you began.

7. Zeds Dead – (Massive Attack Remix) – Paradise Circus

Mmmmm, sexy vocals and dubstep

8. Portishead – Mysterons
Portishead, truly one of the 7 wonders of the modern world.

9. Prodigy – Smack my Bitch up
Where would the world be without the Prodigy’s massive influence over the last decade?

10. Rage against the Machine – People of the Sun
Where would the world be without Rage Against the Machine?




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