Sunday 11 August: Braindance feat. Daisuke Tanabe


Melbourne’s presence is going to graced by the very awesome Daisuke Tanabe, who produces some quite exquisite tunes on Berlin-based label Project Mooncircle, who also feature artists such as Robot Koch, Sorrow, Deft and FLaKo.

This is part of an Australian tour constructed by Sydney-based label, Beats Home, who are utilising the term BrainDance to promote their event. This term was originally coined by RIchard D James (of Aphex Twin’s) label Rephlex to describe the type of music Aphex Twin produced.

If this is the case, you can expect just about any leftfield styles to go down at this event. This will be a real special treat out of the Funktion One sound system at the Laundry Bar.

This event is taking place on a strange day on Sunday, but I wouldn’t let this discourage you when so many other treats are being presented with other Japanese talent like Jealous Guy, Ogiyy and MFP, as well as Sydney’s Bling Jorn and Mike Berkley (who just topped the Bandcamp charts with free release Liking Mainstream Because Hating Mainstream Is Becoming Too Mainstream, and locals Jonny Faith (off the back of his EP launch), Andras Fox and 2fuddha.

Highly recommended and endorsed by us.


Starts 5pm. The Laundry Bar, 50 Johnston Street, Fitzroy. $15.

FB Page:


Work of Daisuke Tanabe

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