Saturday 9 August: Eclectic Shock feat. Hugo and Treats, Meat Axe x Xsetra’s EP Launch


Epic Concoctions have clocked up a good track record for highly attended monthly shows at Brunswick club MyAeon. Their nights are typically rooted in outdoor contemporary doof aesthetics, which are these days typically a cross between older psytrance and newer “glitch-hop”.

In the outdoor convention, “glitch-hop” is not so much about hip-hop but is more a torqued-up funk hybrid pioneered by artists like Opiuo and Spoonbill, and embraced by former psytrance artists like Staunch, who now produce this strange mixture of new squelch and squeak within VST-pumped noise that translates as the next step of outdoor sound in Australia. Some stalwarts may argue with its translation to “glitch-hop”, but its relevance and popularity as a sound can’t be questioned within the underground electronic music community of Melbourne.

Epic Concoctions presents their latest event Eclectic Shock, which headlines Hugo and Treats. Hugo is best known for his role as newsreader Robert Foster (and other characters) in YouTube sensation Rap News. He and DJ Treats are well-known on the national event circuit for their highly creative performances that heavily participate their audience.

They will be playing along with Xsetra, who have released an EP on contemporary outdoor music influenced label Sixbux Productions. Their EP is a heady mix of dnb and melodic components, again influenced by the new outdoor sound of Australia.

They will be joined by an eclectic line-up including Gelido (a very young and talented producer of a wide array of sound), Meat Axe, Nort, and the trio of Wyldcard, Gunk and Bellz.


10pm-6am. MyAeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick. $10/15.

FB Page:


Work of Hugo’s ‘Rap News’ – Episode 19

Work of Xsetra


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