Saturday 3 August – Concord Dawn @ Mercat Basement


Mercat’s Basement (which we recognise has been renamed Deep 11) is set to recieve another bass-heavy international act (after Truth from NZ was presented by Heavy Innit), courtesy of the good people at Melbourne DnB Movement and The Operatives.

This is indicating people are preferring the more intimate environ of Deep 11 and their Funktion One sound to venues like Brown Alley, which are hard to fill, have expensive drink prices and are known for other issues. Perhaps this is just a winter trend, or perhaps bigger venues need to think about issues they have with sound and pricing.

Anyway, more about Concord Dawn.

New Zealand’s Concord Dawn have been active since 1999 as a classic drum and bass act, and released their first self-titled album in 2000. They first started receiving international acclaim with singles from their third album Uprising, released in 2003.

Concord Dawn is now down to a single member, Matt Harvey. He has just released extended EP Numbers Will Kill Us All, which boasts “rawer and underground sound” opposite to “increasingly plastic “EDM” music.” Sounds good to us. It features “seven savage new tracks ranging from neurofunk to old school rave to house to modern drum and bass,” so go and judge for yourself where the Concord Dawn sound is at.

It’s looking good from what we can tell of the venue and people working on this one.

Supporting Concord Dawn are Mitch Incog, Enigma, Keefves, Meltdown and MC Harzee.


Starts 10pm, Mercat Basement, 456 Queen Street, Melbourne. $20/25.

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