Saturday 3 August – Arthouse feat. Katie Drover and Jen Tutty


Katie Drover and Jen Tutty are proclaimed by Channel [V] to be the “reigning first ladies of Melbourne’s underground dance scene”.

Am I out of touch here? I’ve never heard of them before and I thought I was up with things. Mainstream media’s proclamation of who is “underground” is a little disconnected from what we at Haarp Media consider to be “underground”.

To me, underground is any sort of movement disconnected from any overtly mainstream movement. Katie Drover and Jen Tutty play at headline events like the Falls Festival, and play stuff like Booka Shade and The Presets. While those latter artists have earned their reps, you can’t say you’re underground when you play international names everyone knows.

Sorry girls. It’s not your fault you’re well promoted and advertised as DJs, I guess. I really have to question definitions presented as “underground” by mainstream channels, is all.

Regardless, it’s still notable that the “reigning first ladies” may grace our presence with a free event at Loop. Supporting them will be other DJs from other crews like Doesn’t Matter and Rainbow Serpent Festival, who are also super super underground. 😉

It also says no dickheads allowed, so I guess I won’t be going! Don’t be influenced by my nerd rants, go enjoy a night of techno and house.


Starts 8pm, Loop, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne. Free!

FB Page:


Work of Katie Drover


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