Geomatic & Lagowski – Cosmochemistry (Strange Place Records)


Cosmochemistry is the album result of a collaboration between Geomatic and Lagowski. Geomatic is a dark and industrial downtempo act from Holland who formed in 1995, and have released three full-length albums on different labels including French label M-Tronic. Lagowski is a prolific producer, and has released over 25 albums and ten 12” singles since 1987, under his own name and as S.E.T.I. Legion and as one half of Nagamatzu.

Cosmochemistry is seven tracks in length, and deals with the subject matter of ancient dimensional coding, space, science and the unseen. It’s claimed in the promotion that this album is the key to unlocking other dimensions.

Like I haven’t heard that one before. Some people think that they’re Neo from the bleeding Matrix because they can make music on Cubase whilst taking large doses of psychedelics. Perhaps I’m missing something here, but I wouldn’t like to see the same people operating heavy machinery, let alone unlock doors to other universes.

Anyway, on to the album itself.

The originally-titled ‘Interdimensional’ creates a somber atmosphere of seething multi-layered synths, which plods along at a menacing rate. There are a great many loops within the background to tune into, and the track continues to build layers and intensity, but never really goes anywhere. I am still in the lounge-room by the time ‘Interdimensional’ finishes. Maybe I’ve been drinking too much fluoride to unlock doors, or maybe I have to listen to the whole album.

‘Plasma Spirals’ succeeds in carrying more depth and atmosphere in a conventionally deep and spacious fashion, and chill vibes continue with plenty of food for the brain with the exceptional ‘Sibylline Prophecy.’ ‘Opposing Force’ had the effect of reminding me being in a hypnotic state whilst you can hear distorted impressions out of your body, as if hearing voices from underwater. ‘Hands of the Creator’ is one of the more intense works of Cosmochemistry, delving through deep, dark and booming percussion and whipping tendrils of layered synths, yet tranquil within sub-bass frequencies. ‘He Who Saw The Deep’ is probably one of the most compositionally complete tracks on the album. I did feel a lot more grounded with squeaky-clean chakras, but alas, no plane shifting. I should have bought that wrap off that dodgy hippy yesterday.

Cosmochemistry is an excellent work of goa-style downtempo psychedelia, reminiscent of Trent Reznor joining the Shpongle troupe. Whilst maybe not the holders of intergalatic secrets (or maybe they are), Geomatic and Lagowski certainly make some good atmospheric music. Great music to trip balls to, with great ideas and very intricate production. Standard global-village teepee music though, and you have to have decent time out to chill and listen to it. Chillum, babba?

8 out of a possible 10 Haarp Strings



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