Friday 26 July – Movement @ Gertrude Street Projection Festival


We like Movement’s ideals as so far as being an electronic music crew in Melbourne is concerned. They claim to be “(f)ree from musical discrimination or loyalty to any particular scene.”

Fine notions in a town so rife with clickiness at times. But how do they show this expansive mindset?

First off, Movement’s sound residents are from different ends of Melbourne’s electronic music spectrum in Bevin Campbell (bass music/hip-hop) and Chiara Kickdrum (techno). This convergence can either have the effect of splitting or merging the audience, so it’s a brave experiment in seeing if people can put aside their normal aesthetic urges and attempt to embrace new forms.

Special sound guests for this event include Men Imitating Machines, BK2M, Tigermoth and Juxtpose, of whom represent a wide gamut of beats within Melbourne’s music community. Expect bass music instrumentalism from Men Imitating Machines, original hip-hop beats and soul aesthetic from Tigermoth, live techno savvy through a range of midi devices from Juxtpose, and an eclectic range of live beats from BK2M.

All music here is performed within the live style of electronica.

Another way Movement show an extended viewpoint is in their convergence of mediums. Sound is only one half of the project, with the other half being nested in visuals. As this party rests on the annual Gertrude Street Projection Festival, it’s a fine time for Movement to show the public what they can offer in terms of aural-to-visual translation.

VJs Kit Webster and Netzair will fill the picture on the screen with all manners of pretty lines, squiggles and impressions to allow you to tune right into the sounds you’re hearing. Hopefully, this will lead to sensory fulfillment, growth of another cerebral node and world peace.

Friday 26 July 2013, 8pm-1am. Gertrude’s Brown Couch, 30 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. $10.

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