Friday 19 July – Global Bass Music @ Loop


It’s carnival time at Loop on Friday the nineteenth, as DJs from different crews unite and Global Bass Music struts its stuff.

This party proclaims sounds of Rio, Trinidad, Jamaica, UK, Europe, USA, .South Africa and South America will provide fanfare for a whole lot of hoopla at Melbourne CBD’s Loop bar.

There’ll be hip-hop, miami bass, kuduro, reggae, dancehall, bailie funk, cumbia and a whole host of other sounds roll out of the speaker cones, brought to you by sound-reppers Kid Militan, So Fire, Mr Fish and Mister Suckafish P Jones of the L-Burn Illuminati trill.

Emcees SK SImeon and Apprentice will holler and charge the dancefloor with their conscious and energetic lyrics, whilst Killer Cat leads the Jungle City dance posse on a booty-shaking rampage of endemic proportions, under the screen of Jean Poole’s visual hype.

This one is for free, for Melbourne. Winter raining fire right now!

Friday 19 July 2013, Starts 9-5am, Loop, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne. Free!

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