Haarp Media Guest Picks #8: Chiara Kickdrum


Chiara Kickdrum is a techno DJ and producer, and is member of Melbourne’s Movement crew. She is, as always, letting her tracks do the talking for her tops.

1. Aquarian Foundation – Hardtalk (Going Good)

2. Fred P – In The Blue (A Harmless Deed)

3. Developer & Truncate – Random Attractions (Mote Evolver)

4. Quince and Benny Rodreguiz – 7Up (Smallville)

5. Mr G – Bounce (Ben Sims Remix) (Phoenix G)

6. Jonas Kopp – Chaos (Curle Belgium)

7. Floorplan – Eclipse (M Plant US)

8. Claro Intelecto – Fighting The Blind Man (Delsin Holland)

9. Benjamin Damage – Delirium Tremens (Robert Hood Remix)(50Weapons Germany)

10. SHXCXCHCXSH – PCTSTSS (Vntrss rcnstrctn) (Avian)





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