Haarp Media Guest Picks #10: Kristian Hatton aka Kayhat from Haarp Media


Kristian Hatton aka Kayhat is editor and main author for Haarp Media, and a DJ. He is affiliated with a lot of other crews, but is really just a gigantic fanboy of the Melbourne beats scene.

1. L-Burn Illuminati – Eight Arms (Octo Marvelous) (self-released)

I know every word to this song.

2. Trentemoller – Moan (Trentemoller Rmx) (Poker Flat)

Still one of the best tech-house songs after all of these years.

3. LV (feat. Dandelion) – CCTV (Hyperdub)

Him was just walkin’ around, walkin’ around town… One of my favourite dub songs on one of my favourite labels.

4. Rachel Haircut – Flower Clap (Uncomfortable Beats)

It’s the footwork bit in this song that slays me.

5. Two Fingers – Fool’s Rhythm (Ninja Tune)

Unfuckable with.

6. Souls of Mischief – 93 Til Infinity

So many memories as a juvenille skateboarding delinquent up this piece.

7. Defunkt Dialekt – Beyond The Clockwork Horizon (Irrational Media Society)

This song goes to so many amazing places.

8. Venetian Snares – Integraation (Planet Mu)

This is the best breakcore song in the universe. I ain’t playin’ wit you.

9. Beddageddabeddabeat (Feat.Dyslexic CM) – Warpa!nt (Hopskotch Records)

One of the best dubstep producers in Australia, and one of the biggest dubstep anthems under the radar this year.

10. Phrizzm – Bending Shadows Towards the Light (Benbecula Records)

This track melts my heart.





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