Haarp Media Guest Picks – #6: Juxtpose


Juxtpose – dubby tech-house producer and live performer who plays with crews like Movement and Uncomfortable Beats, Melbourne.

1.       Grantstand – Grant Green (Blue Note 1961)
Love the guitar, sax and organ combination, the organ has such an otherwordly sound.

It’s almost futurist retro, nice..

2.       Tortoise – Crest (Thrill Jockey 2004)
It’s like a daytime soap opera Lynchian nightmare – friend of mine told me about his mate going to a Tortoise gig jacked up on numerous substances and when this song dropped he literally passed out from the euphoria buzz.. True story

3.       The Mars Volta – Cygnus.. Vismund Cygnus (Gold Standard Laboratories 2003)
An ode/poem/story to a dead friend with lyrics sounding like Burroughs trying to rewrite the Bible’s Revelations chapter, experimental prog rock with a punk attitude and latin rhythms. What’s there not to love?

4.       Radio Slave – Eyes Wide Open/Incognito (R&S Records)
The minimalistic approach and the latin vibe is killer. Nuff’ said.

5.       Shed  – ITHAW (Shedding the past)
Fell in love with this first time I heard it, its Techno but not as we know it Jim.

6.       Deadbeat – Lazy Jane (Eight BLK RTZ)
Love the Deadbeat, Canadian dude now in Berlin that makes his own brand of dub techno most likely inspired by Basic Channel, the vocoded vocal on this number is fantastic.  Sexy Dubs..

7.       Martyn – Masks (Great Lengths 3024)
There’s such a cool almost retro aesthetic in Martyn yet totally forward thinking.. a paradox you say? Hmm interesting.

8.       Redshape –  Throw in Dirt (3024)
To me, the vocal sample in this sounds like “Ma, I’m not gay”, may the debate continue.. New school Detroit techno, there’s that paradox again nagdammit.

9.       Mike Dehnert – Fraction (Fachwerk 25 Fachwerk)
How this guy manages to get his kicks so ridiculously MASSIVE, I will never know, unless maybe one were to pry the secret from him in some ridiculous Mission Impossible-style antics involving out of this world gadgetry sexy double agents while this song could be the soundtrack.

10.   Model 500 – Night Drive (Metroplex 1985)
The big daddy of them all (or some at least), the originator of techno – Juan Atkins with his project Model 500 back when it was all analogue gear (which no one wanted at the time and is now worth a mint). Saw a doco and it seemed like the big influences for the early Detroit pioneers was Kraftwerk and Parlaiment, European machine aesthetics meets African Sci Fi Funk. Yeah baby




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