Haarp Media Guest Picks – #3: Lysdexic


Jay Curtis aka Lysdexic – DJ/Producer and Label Manager/Owner at Hopskotch Records, Melbourne.

1. Autechre – Irlite (get 0) (Warp 2013))
haven’t listened to an ae album religiously since Untilted – ‘Exai’ takes the same bleak percussive dronescape approach toward the new palette from the more emotive ‘Oversteps’ and sends it off-course into alien inhuman territory. This ten-minute epic is the apex of the album.

2. Anodyne Industries – Until Daybreak (Hopskotch 2013)
XL atmospheric halftime dnb, smooth progression. perfect intro tune for a neuro set.

3. Separation Device – Spinocerebellar Tract (CRL 2013)
Industrial dnb side project from Romanian IDM artist Randomform, at thirteen tracks of lower bpm dnb awash with atmospherics and rolling basslines. ‘Exoskeletal Removal Machine’ is highly recommended.


4. CRi8 – Perfect Organizm (Battle Audio 2012)
Heavy, broken rhythms at a halftime pace. Syncopated distorted riffs. XXL

5. Warpa!nt feat Dyzlexic CM – Beddageddabeddabeat (Hopskotch 2013)
Sharp lyrical flow fuses with the stripped-back spacial production from two of Melbourne’s lesser-known talents.

6. Yes/No/Maybe – Careful (L-Burn Illuminati 2012)
Massively distorted melodic bass music with an element of fragility. Substance.


7. Zova – Dope Style (Hopskotch 2012)
Abstract, melodic. Syncopated vintage drums. IDM glitch-hop from my favorite release of last year.

8. Company Flow – DPA (As Seen On TV) (Def Jux 2000)
Classic. Still get chills in the middle section. All-time favorite. After ten years, I finally ordered the 12”.

9. MR DNA x DOS4GW – Pussy Pile (L-Burn Illuminati 2013)

Single from their free EP Molecules. Raw, blunted, ill.

10. Filip Oscadal – Vaxeen 4U (1991)
Badass chiptune.


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