Haarp Media Guest Picks – #2: Aneurythm


Rohan Lloyd aka Aneurythm – DJ/Producer for Uncomfortable Beats and Viscous City, Lismore (NSW).

1. Shangri-La – Skinshape (DLOAW & CO)

A re-creation of the feel of 70’s psychedelia, complete with chaotic meltdown at the end.

2. Suufi – Skomes (Uncomfortable Beats)

Some songs you know you will love from the instant you hear the first note.

3. Tip Toe (Part One) – Vinja (Addictech)

This is music to make secret agents drink martinis.

4. Particle – Mandeldrop (unreleased)

Funk-fueled mutating madness, so many elements flying around it, it should be disorientating but somehow it stays centered.

5. Stude Rhythm – Two Fingers (Big Dada)

If you open your set with this, you had better provide pure dance floor fire.

6. Oblation – Lomovolokno (Mad-Hop)

Stripped back and subtle, short sweet segue with a siren singing ‘sometimes’.

7. Blow My Mind – The Mank (Mank Industries)

Five and a half minutes of pure summertime vibes, try and screwface to this. I dare ya!

8. In The Sky – Author (Black Box)

Trip-hop meets dubstep with impeccable production, live horns and great piano riffs.

9. The Rugged – Reso (Inspected)

Some roughneck reece shit right here, only for the hardcore raver.

10. Crooked Muse – Beats Antique ft. LYNX (self-released)

Catchy lopsided gypsy rock amalgamation that makes for a brilliant palette cleanser.





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