Haarp Media Guest Picks – #1: DJ Ctoafn

imageMyles Pollett aka DJ Ctoafn – Head organiser and DJ for Collateral Damage, Melbourne

1. Stray – Akina (Critical/Module Music)

Absolutely love this tune, so unique. Very techno influenced, sick vocal ‘Akina’ stabs the whole way through, very infectious and great in the mix, bit of a bitch to mix out of though 😉 Very different but still at 174bpm.

2. I Am Legion (Noisia & Foreign Beggars) – Make Those Moves (OWSLA & Division Recordings)

The mighty Noisia & Foreign Beggars have started a new side project called I Am Legion – These boys teaming up is the perfect storm of awesome. I’ve been streaming this tune in my car off Soundcloud (with the subs all the way to 11) on the way to work every morning since I found it on the Soundcloud feed. This tune is ridonkulous and production levels are insane. They have an album coming out in two months, can’t wait.

3. Komatic & Technicolour feat. Jayma – Stay (Spearhead Recordings)

Have been rinsing this tune all summer and still dig it. A small touch of female vocals but when it drops, it comes in with the sorely missed amens. I miss amens in drum and bass.

4. Friction & Skream – Kingpin ft. Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan (Shogun Audio)

Another one of the half-step/down tempo DNB tunes on the same vane as Marka from last year. Catchy as fuck and full of attitude. You can’t help but bop your head to it.

5. Karnivool – We Are

Outside of DJ’ing I very rarely listen to EDM, its all about my post-rock/metal, progressive rock and metal. Karnivool are my 2nd favourite band ever (after Tool). They are releasing a new album in mid July (after a long 5 year wait). This track is a sampler from the album. It’s a bit different from their last album and very exciting to see where they are going. It is also up free DL on the Triple J website.

6. Volatile Psycle & Charged – Gramaphone (KO Music)

These boys write heaps of different genres. This one is some swing influenced Glitch Hop.

7. SPL and Geno Cochino – Bounce (Hollowpoint Recordings)

One of my favourite EDM producers and a top bloke. I guess you’d call this trap-step, half time 150bpm, its a very unique take on the whole trap thing.

8. M-Zine & Scepticz – Point Of No Return (Dispatch Recorings) 

Some nice deep, dark and low end drum and bass from the Dispatch recordings crew.

9. Amoss – Bumbaclart (Horizons Music)

More half-time sub-heavy drum and bass.

10. Sparrow – Secret (Loki Remix) (Bad Taste Recordings)

This tune is a bit old but I rediscovered it last week. In my opinion it has the most unique drum line in any drum and bass song. It gives the impression of weird time signatures, however it is still DJ friendly. Then from out of nowhere, it drops from 174bpm to 100bpm grinding electro, then (reverts) back to 174.

11.** BONUS TRACK ** Russian Circles – Carpe

Instrumental post-rock/metal band from Chicago. Song is epic. Band is epic. Simple as that.



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