Syncretia – Spicy Sunshine (self-released)


Syncretia is a Melbourne-based bedroom producer involved with Uncomfortable Beats, and has released track ‘All Too Human’ on recent Uncomfy compilation Heliosphere, which Cyclic Defrost commented as “creat(ing) a moogy atmosphere that is inscrutable.”

This can again be said about Spicy Sunshine, but after repeated scrutiny, we have judged its moogy atmosphere to really be quite lovely. Spicy Sunshine gets back to the fundamentals of what we like most about music, progressional composition and pleasant-sounding music that you can listen to whilst writing a review about it.

Leading track ‘Spicy Sunshine’ is dead-on Sunday track that hits all comfort zones. Its gentle and inviting synths and understated percussion lull the listener into a soft and undulating melody perfect for lying around in seats somewhere warm. The melody progresses and soars to a triumphant apex that is instrumental electronic song writing at its finest.

Leading up ‘Extravagent Ninja’ seems to me to be a logical next step from UK bass sounds with its subtle and dubby texture, which still works with Syncretia’s sweeping and reverberating melodies. The rhythmic percussion and dubby, moogy synths are complemented perfectly by the spacious resonance of the higher synth melody, which again progresses and unfolds in a composed narrative of full production.

‘Shit-Hot Banger’ steps right back in tempo and into a warm, summery vibe of pleasant down-tempo melody. This track puts the chill back in chill with friendly, overlapping synths and background bass that you can just sink into. ‘Sunburn Salon’ serves to ground the listener again with more emphasis on tougher lower synths and interspersed sweeping and wobbling higher melodies.

The finale of Spicy Sunshine, ‘Lets Punching’ brings an element of vignette lyricism over an (again) inscrutable slow jazz atmosphere. An unidentified male voice (perhaps the producer?) pleasantly flows over the top over liquid bassline and guitar plucks, embedding lyrical and poetic impression ala Saul Williams, broken by Syncretia’s now-familiar higher melody compositions.

The understated but full and melody-driven nature of Spicy Sunshine is champagne jazz electronica, and is just about compositionally impossible to flaw. It’s available for free at Syncretia’s website, and he has just released another self-titled album at Bandcamp..

9 out of a possible 10 Haarp Strings



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