Saturday 22 June – Movement + Spacewalk + 50/50

Don’t be afraid if these are some acts you don’t recognise, these are three Melbourne bass music crew’s names. They’ve decided to all work towards the greater good of music in general and put on this free event at the Loop Bar in the city, a venue that specialises in events of the visual fortay.

As two of the crews have talented visual practitioners Kit Webster and Chronic Sans (from Movement and Spacewalk respectively), Loop is a perfect place to immerse yourself in sensory delights, both visually and aurally.

As so far as sounds go, techno lover Chiara KD and Bevin Campbell (from PBS community radio show The Blend) represent movement. Solid bass music will be represented by 50/50’s Arctic and Affiks, whilst quirkier trap stylings are played by Spacewalk’s 2Fuddha and Lucianblomcamp.

I have also been informed that all three crews will then battle to the death for your viewing pleasure, with the last winning a 20-litre tub of home-made ice-cream. This footage will be filmed and utilised in future VJ events. Perhaps this may be stretching the truth a little, but this is sometimes what it takes to get people’s attention for the amount of unpublicised but quality music events in Melbourne.

Saturday 22 June 2013. Starts 9pm. Loop, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne.

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