EVENT OF THE WEEK – Saturday 15 June – RaRaKIN presents Homo Mixtape Launch


RaRaKIN proclaim to be challenging preconceptions with Australian hip-hop, and are launching their new mixtape Homo Mixtape, which is stated to be a blend of hip-hop, grime, wonky, UK bass, rave and house.

Their originality and creativity is evident at their website, and they will also have producer/MC Kwasi from L-Burn Illuminati in support, as well as Truth (not the dubstep artist) from Adelaide, Friendships, N’fa and RaRa.

Expect leftfield MCing and DJing, as well as awesome unique visuals from VJs b0yd0g and the ever-present Chronic Sans (who features her work at such shows as Spacewalk and Uncomfortable Beats).

The mixtape in question will be free to download here: http://rarakin.com/

Saturday 16 June 2013, Starts 8pm, Revolver Bandroom, 229 Chapel Street, Prahran. $10 at the door.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/458123747604136/?ref=2

Sounds Like: https://soundcloud.com/danobi-rara


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