Review: Naminé – Celestial Love (Bossman Records)


Namine is 18 year old Melbourne resident Darcy Baylis. Let me repeat this. Namine is EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD. He is also a member of Melbourne’s fun-time backyard solution to the Wu-Tang Clan, L-Burn Illuminati, whose roster also includes such genius MCs and producers as Class A, GDP, Aoi, Dos4gw, TIgermoth, and Noemotion Goldmask.

Amongst such artists, one has to wonder if young Namine has enough talent to keep up with them. The answer is a resounding YES. In his short career, Namine has already released two EPs, 2010’s EP and 2011’s Neon. This means he would probably have been fifteen at the date of his first release.

Namine went to a lot of trouble to get this one done. He lost Celestial Love twice whilst preparing it, and had to wait until he finished high school before completing the album. The love put into this work is abundantly clear.

Production within Celestial Love is kept minimal, and is not overly extravagant. It is testament to Namine’s abilities as a mature composer to forgo over embellishment of ultra-fat VSTs, big bass and diseased modem sounds to get his song’s messages across.

The message of Celestial Love is beautiful, coming from a place of raw emotion evocative of the angst of a teenage heart. Baylis’s sublime voice serves to complement to RnB-style drums, refined keys, and simple synths and basslines.

The style of music – dubbed “chillwave” – is reminiscent of such artists as Ryan Hemsworth, and there has been a lot of indication that this sort of “emo-electronica” is gathering speed and audience base for a popular and independant music market. Many artists with many years of production experience will be highly envious with the capability shown by Namine at such a tender age. This kid is made for big things, and this is an absolutely sensational (and free) release.

9 out of a possible 10 Haarp Strings.



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