Event of the Week: Hopskotch EP Launch feat. Shifty Sly + Wolfy


Hopskotch bring their unique brand of glitch-infused niche electronica to your ears for Haarp Media’s event of the week. Previous parties have been nothing short of sensational, but have lacked support, so they have rebrushed their formula to bring it even more. As if they needed to in the first place, but people are always clamouring for internationals and think that a more expensive party equals better quality all the time.

This is not necessarily true. If you show this party preference over the other more expensive internationals on this night, I assure you no disappointment.

Headlining are heavy bass producers Shifty Sly and Wolfy (only 18 years old!!!), whose hard-edged glitch wobble is nothing short of sensational. On top of that, you have solid crew DJs/producers like Kodiak Kid (Adapted/Whomp!), Mustard Tiger, Angus Green (Adapted), Ctoafn (Collateral Damage) and Citizen.com vs Matty Blades (Rock Like This).

It’s a cheap $10 to support your own backyard tunes, and carries Haarp Media’s stamp of approval, for whatever ethos you wish to translate that to.

Friday 7 June 2013, Starts 10pm, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/374641919314070/?ref=2

Sounds Like: https://soundcloud.com/shiftysly https://soundcloud.com/wolfyproductions


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