Event: Fundamental Frequencies feat. Spoonbill + Austero


Sonic Temple is presenting the Melbourne screening of “The Bloom Series – Episode 1 – Fundamental Frequences, & Episode 2 – Practicing the New World”, at the Rubix Warehouse in Brunswick.

The series is about “transformational festivals”, and preaches an optimistic view of festivals creating “life-changing effects on hundreds of thousands of lives.”  As a cynic with my head up my ass, I think these sort of statements are just another narrative marketing a dubious point of view, but some people love this sort of gear.

Personally, after growing on the northern NSW coast and seeing so many yuppies cash in on the new age scene, I have to question the authenticity of those who sell festivals as transformative. Shouldn’t this be something people decide for themselves?

To be honest, I just thought I’d be nice after trolling their page and giving their dogma a hard time by writing this preview. Whether you buy this sort of pseudo-positivity or not is up to you to decide, I’m giving you guys the chance and information to decide for yourselves. If you’ve had a similar point of view that it’s festivals that change lives and not yourself, go for it.

I can see it’s all relevant to Australian electronic music culture on one level, however. This film series will certainly appeal to an audience that dig the superficial richness of festivals such as Rainbow Serpent Festival and Earthdance, and sometimes they do change lives for the better.

Cats will also be shooting the shit as to what made the movie so good in a panel directed by Earthdance’s founder Chris Decker.

The real news relevant to my blog on electronic music is that Spoonbill, Austero (Addictech) and Dakini will be playing some tunes there too. There’ll also be live art done by Itch, Katia Honour and Bonny Hut. Tickets go for $15 presale, $20 on the door.

For more information on the Bloom Series, visit: http://thebloomseries.com/

Saturday 8 June 2013, 8pm-1am, 36 Phoenix Street, Brunswick.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/450705038354840/?ref=2

Sounds Like: https://soundcloud.com/spoonytunes https://soundcloud.com/austero-1


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