MInd Muncher – Always Starving (Bedroom Research)


Bedroom Research is a niche European net label (managed by France’s Subjex) which unearths rare electronic talent.

Bedroom Research has brought exciting and original producers to more discerning niche electronic music fans. They have now presented 52 releases since 2002, mostly free. Some of these names may be familiar to IDM lovers, such as Tep, Thiaz Itch, Defunkt Dialekt and Valance Drakes.

BR’s fifty-second release is Mind Muncher’s 5-track debut EP, Always Starving. Mind Muncher are an intense electronic act combining bass/glitch aesthetics with thrash metal, carrying on BR’s tradition of original ideas within electronica. Producer Alfred Toc works with metal vocalist “Sam” to yield this result.

It is hard to grasp hold of any track in particular within Always Starving, as they all seem to be based along the same production concept. This may be a weakness in establishing any particular track as unique, but all tracks deliver a high grade of sound quality and originality.

The overall sound of Always Starving is glitched-out manic intensity, broken into ever-changing structural that hits heavy. It will win over many fans of hardcore thrash music bands to new electronic editing possibilities with its many slippery additions over the top of its double kicking drums, heavy bass and wild guitars.

Highly recommended listening and available for free download.

Link: http://www.bedroomresearch.com/label-catalogue/M/39-mind-muncher/49-always-starving.html


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